Many choices of PTFE are available through Leslie Taylor Precision Stamp. Available are a wide variety of different colors and percentages of glass bead/fiber filled PTFE. Percentages of fill range from 2%, 5%, 10%, and 25%. Other percentages of fill are available upon request.

Please contact us if you have a material request that is not listed to check for availability. Please also note that we have Glass Bead and Glass Fiber filled PTFE available.

Use the following chart to see if we can supply your material.*

Cork Leather PVC
Delrin Lexan Rubber
EPDM Mylar Sponge
Felt Neoprene Teflon
Fishpaper Nylon Vinyl
Flame Retardant Polypropylene Plastics Viton
Foam Polyethylene Whool Felt

*And any other soft materials.

Leslie Taylor Mfg. is committed to returning calls and shipping orders in a timely manner. We strive to meet every customer's needs whether it is a blanket order to cover the year or a next day air shipment.

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